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The code will not compile straight from the SubVersion source

This is in response to an informal request from the Curtin IT Services (CITS) to remove parts of the code that directly correlate to interacting with Jet.

How do I get it to compile?

You need to flesh out the following class:
static class JetEngineProprietry
	public static JetResponseCodes LoadRefreshText(HttpHandler myHttpHandler, Location myLocation, 
		out string usageSession, out string usageMonth, out string usageRemains)
	public static JetResponseCodes LoginToJet(HttpHandler myHttpHandler, Location myLocation, string username, string password)

Why didn't you refuse their request?

While I disagree with CITS's decision, I conformed for two reasons:
I respect CITS: Having worked there for a year, I have great respect for all the staff at CITS, and would rather help them out than cause strife
It wasn't from Obsidian: I have no respect for Obsidian Consulting, and would not have complied if the request came from them

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