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Project Description!

Allows automatic logging in the Jet Internet Billing (JetIB) system without having to deal with the popup, etc.
The Jet Login Tool also has a number of other features such as automatically logging in when your computer starts\resumes, minimising to the system tray, remembering username\password, automatic updates, multiple locations (see below) and any other feature you'd like me to add...

Supported Universities

  • Curtin University (Bentley)
  • James Cook University

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Notes on the Code

  • The solution is for Visual Studio 2010 RC - however it targets .Net 2.0 and will work on VS 2008 (if you modify the .sln file)
  • The source control bindings are in the repository

Other nifty things in the code
  • HttpHandler - A nice wrapper around the HttpWebRequest\HttpWebResponse that managed cookies, post variables, etc
  • ChangeStartUp - A command line up that adds\removed a start up item from the registry (can be called from another app)

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